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T H E  P L A N E T S :
A  T H E M E D  I M M E R S I V E  E X P E R I E N C E

 "What if...humanity discovers worlds inspired by myths and legends within the planets of our solar system?"

Inspired by the musical suite by British composer Gustav Holst, THE PLANETS takes visitors on a voyage through space and time, across multiple planets of our solar system. Our journey starts at the heart of the cosmos, a magnificent palace built by the gods as a sanctuary and gateway of the cosmos. Branching out are grand pavilions, offering guests a journey through each different planet and their respective experiences.

I N T R O :
H O L S T   A N D
T H E   P L A N E T S

Gustav Holst (1874-1934) was an English composer, teacher, and

During the early 1910s, Holst was depressed after his recent pieces received poor reception. After a trip to Spain, he was encouraged by Clifford Bax in his interest in Astrology. Thus began writing a suite based on astrological signs/Roman gods. The selection of the planets is based on how it is viewed from Earth.

Written from 1914-1917 while Holst teaching part-time, worked on the piece during weekends. The suite is written as “seven pieces for a large orchestra.” Each movement of the suite is not connected with each other, thus giving The Planets a “programmatic” feel.

H I G H   C O N C E P T

“A voyage through seven worlds inspired by the music of Holst’s The Planets”

Click on one of THE PLANETS to learn more about each experiences!

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