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20220715 - Final Above and Churro.png

C H U R R O S   A R E   T H E   M O N E Y  
O F   T H E   F U T U R E

Project Date: Summer 2022

The goal is to emphasize spatiality through object placement in 3D space. This series of images convey a sense of time in motion while expressing an amusing atmosphere of absurdity. Churros Are The Money Of The Future perpetuates this sense of whimsy while retaining a serious tone of the subject matter. The Churro Stock Exchange is the ONLY source of monetary system you will ever find on this earth!

Software: Cinema4D, Redshift

20220715 - Final Market Stock and Churro Satria Djajasudarma.png

E A R L Y   C O N C E P T   /   M A G A Z I N E   C O V E R

L I G H T I N G   T E S T


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